Try Tiger Woods’ driving range game the next time you hit the range

February 5, 2020

I’ve probably watched this video a thousand times, and each time I appreciate something different. It’s so simple, but it’s also a perfect illustration of what makes Tiger so brilliant. His creativity, his imagination, his ability, his versatility; it’s all there. And the best part is that it’s something you can do yourself.

Step 1: Nudge ball a few yards

As you can see, Tiger starts his game by simply nudging a ball a few yards down the driving range. Not far, just about 15 yards or so.

Step 2: Chip to the ball

And from there, you simply try to chip to the ball. Easy, but it’s loaded with benefits:

1. You’re giving yourself a small target to aim at, which helps hone-in your focus.
2. It also avoids the classic amateur mistake of getting to the range and immediately start smashing hoards of mid-irons.
3. Instead, it  gives your body a chance to warm up and giving your mind the feeling of solid contact.3. It gives you some extra short game reps — something we all need.
4. And finally, it gets you out of your comfort zone, forcing you to adjust which helps replicate your on-course experience.

Of course, if you’re Tiger Woods, you also throw in a bit of flash. He bunts his ball down there then hits a spicy flop shot that spins directly onto the ball.

Watch below; it’s next level.

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