How to use an exercise ball to turbo-boost your golf swing

January 28, 2020
Using an exercise ball as a training aid is a great way to add power to your swing.

I’ve never found much use for exercise balls. I see people sitting on them at the gym, but outside of that—you got me. It turns out, they can be very helpful swing aids. In fact, as up-and-coming coach Lucas Wald explains, they can make any backswing tons more powerful. Here’s how.

Step 1
Wedge an exercise ball between a wall and your backside as shown. Press into the ball and settle into your golf posture.

Step 2
Start your backswing. As you swing to the top, load your weight into your right hip. Your goal while doing this is to “roll” the ball toward your left hip. Stop and repeat several times. Re-create this feel on the course and the ball won’t know what hit it!

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