This was our most-read slice tip of the year

December 25, 2019
Martin Chuck Slice Fix

Martin Chuck is one of the most recognizable teachers on the planet. A GOLF Top 100 Teacher and figurehead of GOLF Channel’s Revolution Golf, he travels all around the country helping golfers get better at golf — and fixes lots of slices along the way.

One tip he shares that really resonated with our audience this year was about how the right arm should feel at the top of the backswing. As Chuck writes, “sloppy arms at the top of the backswing can lead to all kinds of problems. A flying right elbow, for instance, has the potential to cause slices. To get “good arm structure,” Chuck says to think of it as you would driving a car:

Hold your arms in front of you as if you were (properly) driving a car—for those of you who skipped driver’s ed., that means hands at 10 and 2! In other words, the wheel is a clock; put your left hand on 10, now the trick, reach into the middle of the wheel and grab 2 o’clock, palm up. This funky’ opposing hold on the wheel gives your right arm the primo feeling for the top of your swing!

This tip to fix your slice from Golf Top 100 Teacher Martin Chuck will bring you back to your Driver's Ed days.

And better yet, Chuck has a training aid that can help solve this problem, so check it out if that sounds like you!

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