This simple daily routine will improve your mindset and help you shoot lower scores

December 3, 2019

The complaints I hear the most often from recreational golfers when things go wrong in their game have very little to do with the nuts and bolts of their swing. It all has to do with their mindset, or attitude, and other things very much in control:

I didn’t focus on that shot.
I hit the wrong club.
My tempo is off.
I psyched myself out.

Indeed, it’s one of the many underrated ways that golfers can improve. You don’t always need to tear apart your golf swing in order to get better; sometimes, just thinking a little smarter and controlling your emotions can shave a few strokes off your game with minimal fuss.

And here to help you do that are Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott, the co-founders of Vision 54 and two longtime GOLF Top 100 Teachers, who released on their official Twitter account a mental advent calendar of sorts. It runs the entirety of December, and it’s nothing more than one mental exercise each day. They won’t take more than a minute or two each, and some of them are as simple as learning one new thing each day.

But commit to this month-long exercise, and you’ll craft a more disciplined, focused, and smarter mindset for golf and life.