Want to learn how to hit a draw? It’s as easy as connecting the dots.

December 16, 2019

One of the key components to hitting a draw is getting the club to approach the ball from inside to out. This means swinging out to the left for a left-handed golfer (like me) and to the right for a righty.

Here’s an easy drill to help you groove the correct swing direction. Place an alignment stick on your target line a few feet in front of the ball. (My students tend to misaim if they skip this step.) Next, place two balls on opposite sides of the real one so they form a diagonal across the target line as shown. Students always ask me, “At what angle?” but it’s not that specific. The balls are there for a general visual cue. You can adjust them based on your specific needs or preferences.

Swing along the line of the three balls, not along the target line--instant draw.
Josh Ritchie

Now address the first ball and start the club back. On your downswing, try to “guide” the clubhead over the diagonal created by the additional balls. I don’t care how the club gets to the top, but once it reaches it, focus only on “connecting the dots” on your way back down to the ball.

Important: Work on squaring the face to the target through impact, not in the direction of your swing. Otherwise, it’ll be Push City. The more you practice, the easier it is. Happy drawing.

Connect the dots to add a smooth draw to your golf game.
Josh Ritchie

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