This all-time funny golf video will probably melt your brain

August 31, 2019

There’s a lot of good golf videos floating around the internet. Lots of new ones, lots of trick shots, many of which are hilariously funny and cool. But one of the funniest ever — at least in my opinion — belongs to J.C. Anderson.

As you can see below, Anderson takes a satirical approach to golf instruction by whisking through every element of the golf swing in rapid detail.

It’s hilarious, genuinely impressive that he can do all that, but as the Instruction Editor around these parts, I must warn you: Please don’t follow any of this advice. Keep it simple. This is all way too complicated, and if you try to do any portion of it, it’ll probably only succeed in melting your brain and ruining your game in the process.

Anyway, it made the rounds on social media once again this weekend, so why not give it a re-watch. You won’t regret it.