Game Fuel: Chesson Hadley’s anti-crash game day diet could help you

May 5, 2019

The former Georgia Tech standout “only recently got into eating healthy, working out, stuff like that.” Okay, so he may not be super-focused on the latest, hottest foodie trends, but Chesson Hadley knows one thing: If you’re playing golf, you need to eat something to stave off late-round fatigue. Here’s his master food plan.

WHY EAT: “When you’re in competition, it’s crucial to eat, and eat often. And as long as it’s not something crazy, as long as you’ve got something in your body, something is better than nothing.”

Chesson Hadley wants you to make sure you're eating while you're on the golf course.
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WHEN TO EAT: “I always have something on the front nine and the back, and I try to plan out three different times to eat during the round.”

WHAT TO EAT: “Gosh, I’ve eaten everything from Doritos to a bunch of those healthy protein bars. I’m trying to be more aware, but I’m not freaking out if I don’t have a super-healthy snack.”

WHERE TO EAT: “The Waste Management has some really good grub, but the best has to be the Players Championship. They’ve literally got refrigerators right there on the tees! Fruit, bars, drinks—anything you want.”