Fix Finder Fix of the Week: End your driver distance woes instantly

December 14, 2018
Top 100 Teacher Tom Stickney demonstrates a tip that will fix your driver distance issues.

The distance debate in golf is heated at the moment, with many people arguing that advances in golf club and ball technology have made it too easy to hit the ball a long way. If that sounds depressing to you, you’re not alone. Despite the arrival of high-tech clubs, millions of regular golfers still struggle to get the distance they want out of their shots, especially off the tee. But we have a quick tip that will solve your distance issues and have you powering drives down the middle of the fairway in no time.

Top 100 Teacher Tom Stickney says the key to gaining more power off the tee is getting out of your comfort zone, however disrupting that might feel. Specifically, you need to increase your swing speed by moving your arms faster through your swing.

Furthermore, you have to stop “exiting left” on your follow-through, which will kill any chance you have at bombing your drive. Instead, try to keep your right shoulder back and down in your backswing and transition (left shoulder for lefties), which will help you generate power from the inside. Once you get comfortable with that, you should start seeing your yardages increasing significantly.

Watch Stickney demonstrate the tip in the video below.

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