Breaking down the bizarre foot action on this Padraig Harrington golf swing

October 17, 2018

Padraig Harrington is a lot of things. Major champion, futurist, golf nerd, mad scientist. And all of those characteristics and more are on display in this wonderfully weird swing video sporting some pretty bizarre foot action.

Full disclosure: I’m not sure where, or when, this video was taken. He’s probably doing some kind of drill. But it’s been making the rounds on social media this week, and we do know that Padraig has been tinkering with his footwork so far this season. Like in the video below; you can see Paddy take a step forward with his left foot on his backswing, then step fully with his right foot on the way through.

So has he kicked things up a notch? We’re not sure, but either way, let’s break it down.

First Step

First step, relatively speaking, sort of makes sense. The same way golfers lift their lead heel on the backswing to shift their weight and turn more freely, Paddy’s going a bit further and lifting his left leg totally off the ground. Total weight transfer.


Second Step

Paddy’s probably trying to hit this extra hard, because his left leg straightens so hard on the way through that it actually gets airborne momentary. He’s using the ground to spring up — literally.


Third Step

A pretty simple one, all things considered. After the ball is gone and Paddy extends into his follow through, he allows his right foot to drag forward slightly.

YOUR TAKEAWAY? Don’t try this at home. Any of it.