Fix Finder Fix of the Week: How to make a perfect grip

October 5, 2018
Perhaps no fundamental is more important to your game than learning how to make a perfect golf grip. Your hands are the only direct connection to the club. A good grip can set you up for success, but a bad grip can doom your swing before you've started. That means every swing thought and instruction tip in the book is useless if you aren’t holding the club right. TRUE SPEC'S CUSTOM CLUB BUILDING PROCESS WILL GIVE YOU THE PERFECT CLUBS FOR YOUR GAME While there are a few different preferences for gripping your club, they are all essentially variations on the same foundation. The good news is it's so easy that with the proper instruction anyone can do it. In the video below from our Fix Finder instruction series, you'll get clear, step-by-step instructions from our Top 100 Teachers. Give it a shot and you could have the perfect golf grip in just 42 seconds.  


Fix Finder Fix of the Week is our weekly highlight of the best tips from our free Fix Finder instruction video series.