Fix Finder Fix of the Week: How to hit a draw

July 16, 2018

Most amateur golfers spend most of their time trying to hit it as straight as possible. But that’s often the last thing on a pro golfer’s mind. True experts try to shape their shots based on what the situation demands. The good news is, it isn’t as hard to do as it may seem.

One of the most important shaped shots is the draw. In this tip, Top 100 Teacher Mark Durland from the Durland Golf School at Naples Grande, Naples, Fla. explains that an inside-out swing path is the fundamental key to hitting draws and demonstrates how to do it quickly and easily.

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Fix Finder: How to hit a draw

‚ÄčWelcome to Fix of the Week, our weekly highlight of the best tips from our free Fix Finder instruction app. This week’s tip comes from Top 100 Teacher Mark Durland.