Here’s how to get rid of your slice in 30 seconds

April 19, 2018

Wish your banana ball would please exit, stage left? Well, Eric Johnson of Nemacolin Woodlands Resort has your cue to keep the shaft on plane through impact for powerful, slice-free tee shots.


Make a swing with the intent of “exiting left” — a good move for slicers. If your through-swing looks or feels like the photo below, you came into impact above the original shaft plane, unable to release the club in fear of hooking. No left exit here. In fact, the grip points backward.


Take another swing. You’ll probably overcompensate for the yank you made above by taking the grip out wide after impact. While you correctly kept your hands away from your body, running them out to the right leaves the clubface wide open.


Take a final swing. This time, focus on keeping your hands wide and getting the grip to point at your left hip in your follow-through, as in the photo below. This is the correct way to “exit left.” The secret? Return the grip to the original shaft plane as you near impact. In this position you can release your hands without fear. You’ll pound the ball, not just with driver, but with every club in the bag.