Make like a gator to nail your setup and groove a backswing with bite

December 13, 2017

1. Stand tall with your feet in their normal address position. Spread your arms as shown, so they form an open alligator or crocodile mouth. (Make your left arm the top jaw.) This is the beginning of a fun drill that’ll help any player who needs a better feel for how the arms, shoulders and torso should move during the backswing.

2. Without changing your posture or moving your right arm, “snap” your left hand on top of your right, like a gator chomping down on its prey (photo, right). I know the University of Florida faithful are taught to chomp down with the right hand during Gator games, but you’ll see why I’ve reversed it in the next step.[image:14014367]

3. Hinge forward from your hips (not your waist) and bend your knees slightly, letting your “jaws” hang. You should feel balanced and athletic.

4. Now swing your left arm back, keeping your palms together. What you’ll find is that the gator stance forces you to whip your left arm correctly across your chest, making it easy to fold your right arm so it can better support the club on its way to the top. You’ll feel more compact and much stronger—the hallmark traits of a winning backswing.

Written by Mark Blackburn, Greystone C.C., Birmingham, Ala., @BlackburnGolf.