How to groove a reliable fade or draw in seconds flat

December 11, 2017

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was the power fade, let alone the draw. But you can pull off both with confidence during your next round by engaging your inner shotmaker in your pre-swing. Start slow, then let your muscle memory fly.

Preshot DRAW Swing

1. Start with the club in front of you and the shaft pointing right of the target. Check that the toe of the club is up.

2. Swing back. Because of your starting position, you’ll produce deeper hip and shoulder turns. Perfect.

3. Simply return the club to its starting position on your downswing. Instant inside-out swing path, instant draw.

Preshot FADE Swing

1. Again, start with the club in front of you and the toe up. This time, point the shaft to the left of the target.

2. Swing back with some good momentum. You’ll feel more “out and up” with much less hip turn.

3. Swing to your starting point. With less turn going back, you’ll be more open coming through and the ball will fade.