Adjust your tee height and setup to seize control of your drives

December 7, 2017

Most weekend golfers rely on one setup and tee height for all their drives, whether they’re trying to squeeze more distance out of their swing or just squeeze the ball into a tight fairway. But the fact is, by alternating the height of the tee and tweaking a few other things in your setup, you can greatly enhance your ability to drive the ball both longer and straighter. Here’s how to do it:

MORE DISTANCE: Tee it up, play it up

To maximize your distance, tee the ball up so that roughly half the ball sits above the crown of your driver. Assume a slightly narrower stance than usual — to promote a fuller shoulder turn — and position the ball closer to the target in your stance, opposite your left instep.

The higher tee and forward ball position will encourage you to catch the ball on the way up, producing a higher launch angle and more carry.

MORE CONTROL: Tee it down, play it back

Conversely, to bring the ball down a little and create a more controlled ball flight, tee the ball lower so that the entire ball sits below the crown.

Move the ball farther away from the target in your stance — about two balls inside your left instep — and widen your stance so that your heels are even with the outside edges of your shoulders. These changes should lead to a tighter, more controlled backswing and a lower, mid-trajectory ball flight that rolls out more and is easier to keep in play.