Four steps to get rid of the chunks and make perfect chips

August 31, 2017

1. GET NARROW Set up with your feet close together. Turn your left foot toward the target 15 to 20 degrees and pull it back from the target line an inch. Try to position your head over your front foot so your weight shifts over to your front leg.

2. GET VERTICAL Swing the club back using your arms, and keep your lower body still. Allow your wrists to hinge freely, so that the clubhead elevates above your hands. To make this happen, use a lighter grip pressure at address and maintain it throughout.

3. LET IT DROP From the top, let your arms fall gently toward the ground and your wrists to unhinge easily. You should feel a smooth and gradual increase in clubhead speed, not a whiplike motion. As you did in step 2, keep your lower body still.

4. ADD SOME TURN Once your arms start to drop, rotate your torso through the hitting zone. Do it at a velocity that roughly matches your clubhead speed. When you time it right, you’ll hear a “click” at impact. That’s the sound of success.

Written by Dale Abraham, Bighorn G.C., Palm Desert, Calif.; edited by David Denunzio.