Learn your swing pivot by altering your stance on the practice range

June 5, 2017

Hit five practice balls with your left foot pulled back and set on the toe (photo, far left). Hit five more with your feet together, and five more with your right foot pulled back. One of these stances will feel better—and help you catch shots sweeter—than the rest. Congrats! You’ve found your personal pivot point. Now, on real swings, just follow the steps in the boxes and pure shots like never before.

Rear-Pivot Player

You rotate best around your right leg. Going back, shift your hips slightly to the right, “loading” your right leg. Your left knee should bend in toward your right.

Center-Pivot Player

You rotate best when you don’t shift. Rotate your hips in place as you swing back. Your left knee will bend and point between the ball and your left toe.

Front-Pivot Player

You turn best around your left leg. As you rotate back, your left knee will bend toward the target line. Feel like your left hip is turning toward your left big toe.