Fix Finder Fix of the Week: How to hit an intentional slice (and why you would want to)

May 26, 2017

Fix of the Week is our weekly highlight of the best tips from our free Fix Finder video instruction series. This week’s tip comes from Top 100 Teacher Scott Munroe.

Slices are one of the most frustrating, and most common, problems for golfers everywhere. Thousands upon thousands of tips exist about how to stop hitting slices. But this tip tackles slicing from a different angle. What if you actually want to hit a slice?

That may sound crazy at first, but there are definitely situations on the golf course when an intentional slice is called for.

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Consider the following scenario. Your ball is sitting behind a patch of trees, blocking your path to the green. You can’t go over it and you can’t punch under it, so what do you do?

The only option is to intentionally hit a big slice around the trees. Top 100 Teacher Scott Munroe says the secret to hitting this shot is your setup and a single swing thought: “knuckles to the sky.” Watch the video below to learn how to pull it off.


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