13 Ways to Fix Your Game: Pitching

13 Ways to Fix Your Game: Pitching

Fix Your Short Game

Steepen your attack

For improved shortgame accuracy, you need to employ a more vertical swing plane. In your backswing, you should feel as though you’re taking the club straight up once your hands reach knee height. This will allow you to come down sharply into the ball and take a healthy divot, like a Tour player. Hit down and through — it’s the only way to produce highflying, high-spinning shots that stop where they’re supposed to.

Earn your stripes

While the world marvels at Tiger Woods’ power and shotmaking savvy, those in the know point to his wedge game as the true difference maker. And now it’s off the charts. Why is Tiger winning so much again? His wedge shots from less than a 100 yards are landing 5 feet closer to the hole. Yikes.

“I’ve really been controlling my [ball] spin going into the greens.”
-Tiger Woods

PGA Tour Most Improved Proximity to hole from less than 100 yards
Player 2005 Proximity/Rank 2006 Proximity/Rank Improvement (Distance/Rank
Mathias Gronberg 23’0″/200th 17’10″/111th +5’2″/+89
Tiger Woods 16’11″/71st 11’11″/1st +5’0″/+70
Michael Allen 20’0″/183rd 15’0″/21st +5’0″/+162
Jay Williamson 22’5″/197th 18’8″/142nd +3’9″/+55
PGA Tour Average: 17’7″

Look out below!

When players move up the stats ladder, others move down. In some cases, way-yyy down. These players suffered the most precipitous stats drop-offs, and the fall hurt more than just their scorecards.