Adam Scott, World’s Most Elgible Batchelor, Is Hitched

May 10, 2014

Adam Scott (Photo: Allan Henry-US Presswire) Adam Scott (Photo: Allan Henry-US Presswire)

He once ranked among the best players to never win a major.
But no longer.
He also used to rate among the world’s most eligible bachelors.
Scratch his name from that list, too.
In what will come as heartbreaking news for some fans, Adam Scott has gotten hitched to long-time girlfriend, Marie Kojzar.
“It’s official,” Scott, 33, told the Australian Associated Press this week. “I am a settled down man and very happy.”
The big event was in fact a small affair that took place April 17, the Thursday after the Masters, with a low-key ceremony at Scott’s residence in the Bahamas. There was no prolonged engagement leading up to the nuptials. Attendance was limited to a few friends and family.

“We just decided to get on with it. We’ve known each other long enough, let’s go and jump right in the deep end,” Scott said. “It was just our family and a few friends and obviously there are a lot of people we would have liked to have had there who weren’t but we decided to have a very low-key affair. It was more about not building it up into something too big that may have gotten out of hand but it was a fun event for everyone who was there and hopefully we will have fun celebrating with other friends when we catch up with them.”

Kojzar, a 32-year Swedish architect, was romantically involved with Scott in the early 2000s, but the pair took a several-year hiatus before reuniting prior to Scott’s 2013 Masters win.
Instead of a green jacket, Scott went with a suit and bow tie for the wedding ceremony while his bride wore a non-traditional wedding dress.

“She doesn’t need a traditional dress to look so beautiful,” Scott said. “We dressed up a little bit but it was still in the backyard.”

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