Lightning Strikes Twice: Pennsylvania Man Cards Two Aces in a Single Round

Lightning Strikes Twice: Pennsylvania Man Cards Two Aces in a Single Round


Hole-in-one Credit: Alamy

John Ponter should buy a Powerball ticket. The guy has a knack for odds-defying feats.
On March 19, the 53-year-old Baden, Pa. native was on a golf junket with buddies in Myrtle Beach, when he pulled off every golfer’s dream shot not once, but twice.
Having started on the back-nine at Oyster Bay golf course, Ponter stepped to the tee of the 15th hole and found that the wind had freshened on the short-par three. Opting for a nine-iron for the 109-yard shot over water, Ponter waggled, swung and jarred it for his first-ever hole in one.
Huzzahs and high-fives all around.
“My reaction was disbelief,” Ponter told Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday.
So imagine his incredulity when he came to the 135-yard sixth hole (his 15th hole of the day), and did it again, notching his second ace of the round.
Number-crunchers who calculate such things say the odds of a hole-in-one for an amateur golfer are roughly 12,000 to 1. The chances of two aces in a single round? 67 million to one.
Ponter’s happy fluke of fate came in the midst of an otherwise ace-free nine-day golf trip. He shot 89 that day at Oyster Bay, his best score of the trip.
No word on how much Ponter spent on drinks at the bar, but whatever the sum, it shouldn’t be an issue once that lottery prize comes in.
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