Hank Haney on Nick Faldo: ‘He Does Next to No Research’

January 27, 2014

Nick Faldo at the 2013 British Open at Muirfield (Getty Images). Nick Faldo at the 2013 British Open at Muirfield (Getty Images).

Back in the day, no one prepared harder than Nick Faldo.
But now that he’s left the Tour for a spot in the tower, the old work ethic is not as evident.
So suggested Hank Haney, anyway, during the Sunday broadcast of his SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio Show.
His comment came by way of comparison as Haney discussed the TV work of Brandel Chamblee.

“(Chamblee) researches more than anyone. Some people have opinions. Johnny Miller has opinions, no doubt about it.”

And then came this opinion from Haney himself.

“Nick Faldo does next to no research. I mean, he just shows up and talks about how it used to be. Yeah, he’s got opinions based on being a great major champion but Brandel Chamblee has opinions that are all researched and studied and you have to give the guy credit for really putting in the time and effort to do his job. And people think he picks on Tiger but he’ll say lots of good things about Tiger. But he also tells it like it is. I like to hear a guy that tells it like it is.”

You can listen to the full audio on Haney’s remarks here. “Hank Haney Golf Radio,” an instructional-based show, airs Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. Eastern Time on SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio.
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