Lefty to Rory: Stay Off Twitter

January 20, 2014

Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson Credit: Getty Images

To tweet or not to tweet?
For Phil Mickelon, it’s no question. He steers clear of social media. And he recommends that Rory McIlroy do the same.
Communicating with the public the old-fashioned way — at a press conference in Abu Dhabi — Mickelson, 43, mused this week on the distractive power of modern gadgetry and suggested that the 24-year-old McIlroy might find the spotlight less blinding if he logged off more than he logged in.
“We all have different ways of dealing with things,” Mickelson said of his search for a balance between his public and private life. “Me personally, I’ve really tried to stay away from social media as I need to get away and have some time just with my family. There are some things I don’t like letting out, I just like keeping private.”
Wise words. Now, please rephrase them in 140 characters.
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