The Downside of a Mulligan: John Daly Won’t Get That Luxury Sedan

January 14, 2014

John Daly Credit: Getty Images

In his rags-to-riches (to rags) career, we’ve watched John Daly lose his Tour card, his money and his patience.
Now, he’s also lost out on a luxury sedan.
The initial word around the grounds of PGA West’s Nicklaus Course, site of the Humana Challenge pro-am on Monday, was that Daly had won a $60,000 2014 Hyundai Equus when he jarred his tee shot from the par-three seventh hole.
But not so fast. Turns out it was Daly’s second swing (with a different club), making him ineligible for the prize.
As Golf Channel reported, Daly had already played a shot to the green when a Callaway representative handed him a new 9-iron. Long John took a Mulligan and holed out.
“I didn’t even look at the shot,” Daly said. “I leaned over to get my tee and was telling the Callaway representative that it felt pretty good. He said, ‘Good, because it just went in the hole.'”
A short-lived celebration followed, but as Daly knows as well as anyone, easy come, easy go.
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