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What's your handicap?

Uncategorized What’s your handicap, John O’Hurley?

Seinfeld stalwart and former Family Feud host and Dancing With the Stars contestant John O’Hurley is vigilant about bending over to pick up his golf ball after a harrowing public experience.

Uncategorized What’s your handicap, Dennis Haysbert?

Actor and Allstate pitchman Dennis Haysbert has had his share of embarrassing moments on the golf course, but he also has an unforgettable hole-in-one.

Rules of Golf

Instruction Inside the debate over anchoring allegations on the senior tour

Thomas Pagel of the USGA explains why Bernhard Langer and Scott McCarron are not violating the anchoring rule.

Instruction The rules of conceding a putt

The USGA’s Thomas Pagel explains the rules surrounding conceded putts in light of a recent situation at the U.S. Girls’ Junior Championship.


Travel Los Angeles courses highlight George C. Thomas’s genius

When the Walker Cup is played at Los Angeles Country Club Sept. 9-10, it’ll be the third USGA Championship in 2017 held at a course designed by George C. Thomas,...

Travel Into the Light: Meet the blind golfer who found hope in an unlikely place

For blind golfer Adelaide Ortega, golf is the most beautiful game she’s never laid eyes on. Jeff Ritter traveled to California to find out how she learned to play without...