Ralph Lauren PoloTech Smartshirt: Wear It, Work It

September 24, 2015

The revolutionary new workout shirt from Ralph Lauren is more than just innovative—it could change the way we work out.

The PoloTech Smartshirt is woven from tiny silver fibers with sensory receivers that track such stats as heart rate, breathing depth, intensity of movement and energy output, just for starters.

All of that data is then integrated into the PoloTech app, which presents personalized video workouts pegged to your performance. (There are more than 10,000 workout combinations.)

With workouts broken down into three areas—cardio, strength and agility—the Smartshirt can provide a more productive routine. And it will do so without your knowing it: The Smartshirt is designed to feel like “second skin.” $295; ralphlauren.com

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