Carnoustie Performance Knits: Shirts of Many Colors

October 21, 2015

A decades-old brand known for timeless elegance, Carnoustie Sportswear has made a strong entrance into the golf-apparel sector.

The latest iteration of the company’s on-course attire involves three distinct makes: the Classic, Resort and Desert collections, which all include micro-polyester/spandex fabric combinations along with anti-microbial and UV protection.

The Classic boasts a patriotic motif, while the Resort features a subtly cheerful palette that gives way to the Desert’s bright, summery colors. Each line also includes hints of the past that counterintuitively serve to “update” today’s look.

“I’m having fun going retro,” says CEO Marshall Mancillas. “Much of the styling we see today is grounded in the looks of the ’70’s.” from $75;