Bryson DeChambeau invented a new drink. Here’s how to make it in 7 steps.

August 14, 2019

Bryson’s DeChambeau has come under a lot of criticism in recent days, much of it overblown, but I won’t get into all of that. Instead, I want to focus on a new drink DeChambeau just created which, quite frankly, sounds delicious.

I learned of it last week, when Bryson was pouring drinks for people at a promotional event at the Grey Goose 19th hole during The Northern Trust. DeChambeau and Grey Goose are teaming up for a partnership that DeChambeau says will show people a “different side” of him.

“A lot of people know me as analytical, and I do a lot of fun and different stuff out on the golf course that people think is weird and unique, but I’m still a person,” he said. “I need some time to relax and have fun.”

Although the name of the drink he invented — “The DeChambeau” — needs a bit of work, in my opinion. “Smashed Factor” is my suggestion, but either way, the drink was a sugary delight. Here’s how you make it, according to Bryson himself:

Step One: Highball Glass


Step Two: Ice

Lots of ice, actually, in small cubes preferably, filled to the brim.

Step Three: Grey Goose L’Orange

Bryson didn’t give exact measurements for the drink — he’s more of a feel player when it comes to bartending — but it looks like he poured about a shot’s worth. About 1.5/2 oz.

Step Four: Cranberry Juice

Once the orange-flavored vodka is in there, begin pouring in the cranberry juice (which is full of health benefits, by the way), until the glass is about half full.

Step Five: Club Soda

Once the glass is about half full with your vodka/cranberry-juice mixture, add club soda until the glass is 75 percent filled.

Step Six: Orange Juice

Just a splash, enough to top it off.

Step Seven: Stir/Serve

Just a sneaky stir. Then enjoy!