On the Road With Mo Martin

On the Road With Mo Martin

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Mo Martin poses on the red carpet during the Rolex Player Awards ceremony at the Ritz Carlton on November 20, 2014 in Naples, Florida.
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I flew about 80,000 miles last year but I mix it up airline-wise. I’m less interested in the frequent-flier miles than I am in the schedule. If it’s a direct flight that’s going to get me at the time I want, that’s the way I’m going to go.

I’ve been lucky lately in that I’ve sat next to some really interesting people. On the flight to the Women’s British Open last year (which Martin won], my seatmate was a sergeant who’d served in the Special Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was super nice. I’m not sure how much he was supposed to tell me but the more Bloody Mary’s he had, the more I heard.

I also sat next to a woman who was traveling with a cat. She said it was one of only four service cats in the world. Just like there are service dogs, but this was a service cat. She said it was trained so that it would bite her if she was about to have a seizure. It could tell by smelling her breath. Who knows how they train it to do that.

When people find out I play golf for a living, a lot of them think that’s interesting too. I’m pretty patient when it comes to talking golf, but if I sense that someone is going to be a little over-zealous on the subject, I just won’t tell them what I do.

On long trips, I don’t like messing with my body chemistry, so I don’t take sleeping pills or anything. If I arrive in the morning, I just make sure to stay up. No nap that day. And I usually get on schedule pretty quickly.

I am pretty much always game to eat whatever food they serve in another country. I think that’s an important part of travel. But I’m not into raw fish. I love Korean food, though. And some of the best food I’ve had overseas was when we were in Cambodia in Angkor Wat. It wasn’t super spicy, but really bold and flavorful.

I don’t load my computer up with movies for long trips. I’m more of a book person. Non-fiction more than fiction. I’m reading a great book called The Boys in the Boat, about the American rowing team at the Berlin Olympics. I read a book about Sparta that makes me really want to go Greece. There was a movie, 300, that dealt with the same period as the book I read, and I started watching it at one point, but I didn’t like the animation or the tone of it, so I turned it off after about five minutes. There are some great golf books and movies, too. But believe it or not, I’ve never seen Caddyshack. My caddy makes fun of me all the time so I promised him I’d watch it. But I just haven’t gotten around to it.


Favorite airport: I got stuck in Dallas once and so that left a bad taste, but I actually thought that airport was set up really well. I like airports that have trams to help you get around with your bags. Houston is a nice airport. Tampa is convenient too.

Least-favorite airport: I don’t like Miami at all. The setup is horrendous. You have to carry your bags so far. And I’ve found the service to be rude. I’ve just had bad, bad experiences there.

Scariest travel experience: Everyone’s had bad turbulence, and I have, too. But nothing really scary that I can remember. Then again, I don’t like to dwell on that sort of thing so I could have just blocked it out.

Travel pet peeve: I have global entry, the pre-screening to get you through security. But I notice that a lot of times they just give that away to people. You pay the money, and then they just give it away. That’s so annoying. If it’s going to be random, fine. But don’t charge money and then give it away to some people who haven’t paid.

— As told to Josh Sens

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