Mark O’Meara: 5 Things In My Fridge

June 4, 2015

You can learn a lot about a golfer by peering in his bag. The same can be said by examining the contents of his fridge. Twinkies or tofu? Red Bull or red potatoes? Vodka or vodka sauce? recently descended on Mark O’Meara’s Houston home, where the two-time major champion, 58, swung open the doors of his icebox. Here’s what was inside.

1. “I like to cook, and I’m a big sandwich guy. I always have ham and turkey for sandwiches. This morning I had sausage, bacon and cheese on a little thin-sliced bagel.”

2. “The fridge is actually pretty clean right now since we’ve been gone so much. But there’s some leftover chili in there that I made the other night. It’s on the medium-to-hot side. Chicken fajitas are probably my specialty. When I won the Masters, that’s what I served at the champions’ dinner.”

3. “There’s beer in the fridge, but I don’t really drink, to be honest. I like to have them in case someone comes over. Usually there are some Coronas in there, but I used them to cook some jalapeno sausages. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have a beer once in a while, though.”

4. “Unfortunately, I drink a lot of Diet Pepsi, but you don’t see them because they’re not in the fridge. I probably drink four to six a day. There’s also some Crystal Light peach tea in there. I just whip that up.”

5. “We’re trying to eat healthier. I bought a juicer, so we buy kale and do some juicing once in a while. But we haven’t been doing it enough.”

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