Billy Casper Golf Strikes Partnership to Feature GolfBoards at Courses

June 12, 2015

Coming soon to a golf course near you: surf-able golf carts. 

GolfBoards, which made their North America debut more than a year ago but were available only on a very limited basis, are going mainstream. A new partnership between Sol Boards, which manufacturers the stand-up carts, and Billy Casper Golf, the nation’s largest operator of daily-fee courses, is expected to dramatically expand the amount of courses and resorts that offer GolfBoards. About 100 courses throughout North America already have GolfBoards, but 300 more courses are expecting theirs to arrive within the next three months.

The skateboard-cart hybrid, co-created by big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton, Bally’s Total Fitness founder Don Wildman and a team of Oregon-based entrepreneurs, promises golfers the ability to “surf the earth,” at speeds of up to 14 mph.

“Billy Casper Golf has always been one of the leading management companies in trying to think ahead and look into the future of golf,” said Paul Hodge, a GolfBoard co-founder board member. “We’ve been working with them for two years. They demoed the product at three of their courses for six months and did a very thorough third-party analysis on the GolfBoard program and the effect it has on golf courses. The report blew them away.”

According to Hodge, that study found that 96 percent of players who used the GolfBoard said the boards would be their preferred method of golf transport in the future. By the end of the summer, Hodge expects that there will be GolfBoards at courses in all 50 states.

In addition to rolling out GolfBoards at its courses, Billy Casper Golf also will serve as a sales extension in some major U.S. metropolises, such as northern New Jersey, Chicago, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

“GolfBoard is exactly what our BCG Ventures initiative seeks: a contemporary, exciting and differentiating identity to attract and retain players,” said Peter Hill, Chairman and CEO of Billy Casper Golf, in a press release. “Not only is ‘GolfBoarding’ a thrilling and quick way to get around the course, its turf friendly and delivers ROI to our operations.”

See for yourself:

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