ClubTest 2019: 17 new putters that will have you rolling it like the pros

March 21, 2019
Putters: Check out our reviews of 17 new putters

So you’ve got a high-tech new driver and the perfect, forgiving iron set for your swing. But what about your short game? If you really want to lower your scores, one key is to get up-and-down more often, and that involves putters and wedges.

The reality is, you probably need one of these to do so: a state-of-the-art short-game tool that’s as deadly as it is effective. For ClubTest 2019, we thoroughly vetted 33 of the best putters and wedges in the business to help you do just that.

In this installment, we look at 17 new putter models that are worthy of your attention. Check out the complete putter reviews below, including expert comments from professional club fitters.

Bettinardi Queen B 5

Price: $400
Lofts: 1˚-5˚; Lies: 67˚-72˚
Lengths: 33”, 33.5”, 34”, 34.5”, 35”
Type: Classic heel-toe

Bettinardi Queen B 5 putter.
Courtesy of Bettinardi

Bettinardi is known for its use of very high-quality materials and exacting milling processes, both of which help define the new Queen B 5. Built at Bettinardi’s facility in Chicago, this eye-catching putter (three Queen B models are available in all) features the company’s time-proven Micro Honeycomb face-milling pattern for a smoother roll and enhanced feel, as well as their popular and durable PVD champagne-silver finish. Nuanced shape changes to Bettinardi’s typical heel-toe blade design include tighter lines, softer bumpers and an overall more refined profile and look.

Fitter comments: The degree of toe hang and minimal forgiveness make this a good choice for better players with a slightly arcing putting stroke.

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Bettinardi Queen B 10

Price: $400
Lofts: 1˚-5˚; Lies: 67˚-72˚
Lengths: 33”, 33.5”, 34”, 34.5”, 35”
Type: Traditional mallet

Bettinardi Queen B 10 putter.
Courtesy of Bettinardi

Like all Queen B series putters, the 10 is milled at Bettinardi’s facility from a proprietary soft carbon steel designed to provide the soft and responsive feel demanded by players with the most discerning tastes. The trademark Micro Honeycomb face-milling pattern further contributes to feel while also promoting a smoother end-over-end roll and better tracking. A crescent milled-neck design provides a bit of offset, while the durable PVD finish should allow the 10 to look just as good after extensive play as it does when new. The traditional, compact mallet profile provides some heel-toe-aided forgiveness while maintaining a somewhat blade-like feel.

Fitter comments: Provides a little more forgiveness than the QB 5, but still better for an arcing stroke.

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Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT 1

Price: $130
Lengths: 33”, 34”, 35”
Type: Heel-toe (five other head shapes available)

Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT 1 putter.
Courtesy of Cleveland

The SOFT 1 is a traditionally shaped plumber’s neck blade made out of soft 304 stainless steel. Feel aside (it’s very soft, as you’d expect), it’s the Speed Optimized Face Technology that makes this putter unique. CNC-milled and strategically configured, the face texture helps level out ball speed across the putterface, helping your mis-hits roll just as far as sweet-spot strikes—a lifesaver on long or lag putts where distance control is a priority. On the aesthetics front, the SOFT 1’s brushed finish is top-drawer.

Fitter comments: A great-feeling, basic heel-toe blade that can fit any golfer, especially one with a bit of an arcing stroke.

Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT 12

Price: $130
Lengths: 33”, 34”, 35”
Type: Mallet (five other heads available)

Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT 12 putter.
Courtesy of Cleveland

Compared to the SOFT 1, the 12 features a single-bend hosel for face-balancing and deeper grooves for improved feel and speed optimization. The 12 mallet is made from soft 304 stainless steel, which is approximately 50 percent softer than standard stainless, providing the extra-responsive and soft feel desired by many better players.

Fitter comments: The same great feel and enhanced roll as the 1 blade, but in a face-balanced mallet. Good for those who have little arc in their stroke.

Odyssey EXO Rossie

Price: $300
Lengths: 33”, 34”, 35”, 37”;
Type: Mid-mallet (five other EXO models available: Seven, Seven S, Rossie S, Indianapolis, Indianapolis S)

Odyssey EXO Rossie putter.
Courtesy of Odyssey

The Odyssey EXO Rossie is a double-bend mallet with multi-material construction (stainless steel and aluminum) for a high MOI and maximum forgiveness. Additionally, the White Hot Microhinge face insert lends a crisp feel and a faster end-over-end roll. The industrial, red-colored aluminum beams have two white alignment lines on top that combine with a small white line in the middle just above the face, making it easy to align over the ball at address. Lastly, the EXO Rossie is also available with Odyssey’s multi-material Stroke Lab shaft to promote a smoother, more accurate stroke. If that’s not enough tech to pique your interest, the EXO Rossie also comes in a Rossie S model that features a slant neck for a different look and toe hang for golfers who have an arcing stroke.

Fitter comments: Face-balancing and extreme MOI will work best for piston-type strokes that demand max forgiveness and stability.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Tuttle

Price: $250
Lengths: 33”, 34”, 35”
Type: Mid-mallet (17 other models available)

Odyssey Stroke Lab Tuttle putter.
Courtesy of Odyssey

The new Odyssey Stroke Lab putters (available in 18 head/hosel combos) are designed with a unique weighting system aimed at improving the quality and consistency of the stroke. Featuring a lightweight multi-material shaft (approximately 40g less than standard) with a steel tip and composite body, each Stroke Lab putter’s weighting is concentrated in the tip to promote a smoother motion. The weight saved in the light shaft (10g) is placed in the sole via two weights, while 30g is added to the grip end of the shaft. According to Callaway and Odyssey’s research, the counterweighted design with lightweight shaft and grip promotes more consistency in a number of elements in the putting stroke, including face angle at impact, direction, ball speed and consistency of stroke time. Odyssey’s White Hot Microhinge face insert further improves overall performance by promoting a smoother roll.

Fitter comments: Unique weighting and ultra-stable design can work for almost anyone.

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Odyssey Toulon Design Las Vegas

Price: $400
Lengths: 33”, 34”, 35” (+ custom)
Type: Winged mallet (12 other models available)

Odyssey Toulon Design Las Vegas putter.
Courtesy of Odyssey

Quality materials and craftsmanship meet the high-MOI fang-type design with Odyssey’s Toulon Design Las Vegas. A deep crosshatch groove face design is aimed at channeling vibration to the hands to provide the ultimate in sound and feel while also promoting a smoother roll. A new charcoal-smoke finish enhances the tasteful look while improving durability. The Las Vegas is available in a variety of custom options including a Stroke Lab model that comes with a 20g soleplate, lightweight shaft and high-feel grip.

Fitter comments: Better players tend to gravitate to Toulon, but the LV is for everyone.

Ping Sigma 2 Fetch

Price: $219
Lengths: 32”-36” (adjustable)
Type: Mallet (plus nine other proven PING designs: Anser Platinum and Stealth, Arna, Kushin C, Tyne, Tyne 4, Valor, Wolverine H, ZB 2)

Ping Sigma 2 Fetch putter.
Courtesy of Ping

The Sigma 2 Fetch mallet features a golf-ball-size center hole that not only aids with alignment at address, but conveniently makes it easier to pluck the ball off the green without bending down (hence the “Fetch” name). The hole also boosts the putter’s perimeter weighting and the dual-durometer face insert and True Roll face pattern, which make the Fetch feel soft and responsive. Like all putters in the Sigma 2 line (10 in all), the Fetch has an adjustable shaft for a custom length that you can change between rounds with a simple twist of a dial on the top end of the grip.

Fitter comments: Best for piston-style strokes or anyone who wants lots of forgiveness or a way to pick up their ball without bending over.

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Ping Sigma 2 Tyne

Price: $219
Lengths: 32”-36” (adjustable)
Type: Winged mallet (plus nine other proven PING designs: Anser Platinum, Anser Stealth, Arna, Fetch, Kushin C, Tyne 4, Valor, Wolverine H, ZB 2)

Ping Sigma 2 Tyne putter.
Courtesy of Ping

For golfers who want to take advantage of a Dual-Durometer face insert, a True Roll face pattern and an adjustable shaft (all in a putter that looks clean and easy on the eyes), the Tyne model from PING’s Sigma 2 series is a fantastic choice. The simple geometry is highlighted by a single alignment line and smaller micro-lines for added texture and contrast, making the Tyne a cinch to align. The 365-gram head remains stable even when your stroke might be a little shaky on short putts.

Fitter comments: Provides a ton of stability. Best for straight or slightly arcing strokes.

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Ping Vault 2.0 Craz-E H

Price: $300
Lengths: 33”, 34”, 35”, 36”
Type: Mallet (plus six other proven PING designs: B60, Dale, Piper, Ketsch, Voss, ZB)

Ping Vault 2.0 Craz-E H putter.
Courtesy of Ping

The highly successful Craz-E putter (along with six other models) is offered in the Vault 2.0 line, which features a custom weighting system that incorporates steel, tungsten and aluminum to dial in balance and feel to individual stroke type and feel choice. The clubface is individually milled with PING’s true-roll pattern, which varies across the face to add speed to mis-hits, allowing for a more consistent roll regardless of impact location. All Vault 2.0 Craz-E H putterheads are precision milled at PING’s facility in Phoenix for the ultimate in consistency and finish quality.

Fitter comments: Great for players who need lots of help with mis-hits and those who want lots of stability.

SeeMore Platinum M5 HT

Price: $350
Lengths: 30”-39”
Type: Mallet (eight other Platinum models available)

SeeMore Platinum M5 HT putter.
Courtesy of SeeMore

The new Platinum mallet is SeeMore’s largest, and it comes in a new offset version (shown) that helps players who like to have their hands in front during the stroke. A deep milled clubface enhances contact and roll for more consistency, while SeeMore’s patented RST (RifleScope Technology) alignment system helps ensure accuracy. The new mallet is completely milled from aircraft-grade aluminum for better feel and quality control and topped off with a classy yet durable platinum finish.

Fitter comments: The offset option makes SeeMore a viable option for all players.

SeeMore Platinum M7 Tour

Price: $350
Lengths: 30”-39”
Type: Heel-toe blade (eight other Platinum models available)

SeeMore Platinum M7 Tour putter.
Courtesy of SeeMore

Aimed at players looking for the look and feel of a blade with enhanced forgiveness on off-center hits, the M7 Tour comes complete with a durable platinum finish and multiple milling patterns for enhanced feedback and a smoother roll. The seemingly simple blade is 100 percent milled from 303 stainless steel and features a heel-toe-weighted design for improved stability. Like all SeeMore putters, the new models are a cinch to aim, thanks to the company’s RifleScope Technology.

Fitter comments: An easy-to-aim putter for better players.

TaylorMade Spider X

Price: $350
Lengths: 33”, 34”, 35”
Type: Mallet (five variations available)

TaylorMade Spider X putter.
Courtesy of TaylorMade

The Spider X, which carries on the now-famous Spider max-stability design, is built with a heavy steel frame and light carbon composite sole to provide even more MOI than ever. The “airplane engines” are now gone; the engineers at TaylorMade have provided a cleaner-looking profile that actually outperforms past models. A key to the improved performance is a pure roll face insert that’s thicker than the previous design, for better feel and sound. It also features 45-degree grooves for more topspin and less skidding. A new “True Path” alignment aid with a 50 percent thicker sightline is said to increase concentration and improve aim. The Spider X is available in copper and navy blue, and in single-bend and flow-neck hosel options.

Fitter comments: A perfect match for players who want max MOI and stability with a soft feel and enhanced alignment options.

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TaylorMade TP Black Copper Ardmore 3

Price: $220
Lengths: 34”, 35”
Type: Mid-mallet (Red and Red-White models are also available)

TaylorMade TP Black Copper Ardmore 3 putter.
Courtesy of TaylorMade

Built with a less extreme high-MOI design than the Spider X, the Ardmore 3 mallet nonetheless provides plenty of stability and performance. TaylorMade’s Pure Roll insert—with 45-degree grooves and soft polymer construction—imparts more topspin at impact for a smoother, more accurate roll. We like the simple, single white sightline against a dark black copper finish to help focus the eye for improved aim. Instead of a face-balanced, double-bend shaft configuration, the Ardmore 3 features a more traditional L-neck design, with significant toe-hang for a more flowing stroke.

Fitter comments: If you like mallets but find the larger, high-MOI designs a little off-putting, the Ardmore 3 is a good option for a wide range of players.

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Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Fastback 2

Price: $400
Lofts: 33”, 34”, 35”
Type: Mid-mallet (eight other Cameron shapes available: Fastback, Laguna, Newport, Newport 2, Newport 2.5, Newport 3, Squareback, Squareback 1.5)

TaylorMade Select Fastback 2 putter.
Courtesy of Scotty Cameron

The newly reengineered, mid-mallet Select Fastback from Scotty Cameron comes with a single-milled flange line and single alignment line for a clean, Tour-preferred look. It also features a new dampening material connecting the 6016 aircraft-grade aluminum face-sole component to the stainless steel frame, resulting in improved sound and a soft but responsive feel (i.e., it has the familiar, soft-but-solid sensation found in most Scotty Cameron mallets). The precision-milled flange, the four-way balanced sole and the single-bend shaft combine to produce a mid-mallet that looks simple but is actually hiding some serious technology under the hood.

Fitter comments: Good for those who like the Cameron look and feel with a bit of extra forgiveness.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2

Price: $400
Lengths: 33”, 34”, 35”
Type: Heel-toe (eight other Cameron shapes available: Fastback, Laguna, Newport, Newport 2.5, Newport 3, Squareback, Squareback 2, Squareback 1.5)

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 putter.
Courtesy of Titleist

As if it needed any, the newest Newport 2 features a handful of renovations, including a refined topline radius for a slightly thinner appearance and a tweaked hosel neck for a cleaner look at address. The three-red-dot graphics can be found on the front and sole (not just the back), for an even more racing-inspired presence. The mid-milled 303 stainless steel face inlay, stainless steel body, and Four-Way Sole Balancing have been reengineered to provide better balance, feel and performance.

Fitter comments: Classic heel-toe performance with tons of new tech.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X7

Price: $429
Lengths: 33”, 34”, 35”
Type: Modern mallet (eight other Phantom x models available)

Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X7 putter.
Courtesy of Titleist

In a jump forward from the popular Futura line, the newest Phantom X putters from Scotty Cameron represent the highest-tech high-performance mallets ever produced by the famed putter designer. Based on five different clubhead styles, with a variety of shaft-bend and alignment options combining to yield nine new overall models, the new Phantom X line replaces the Futura family and should offer a model for just about any stroke type. Each of the new mallets features multi-material construction—with a stainless steel clubhead and milled solid aluminum face that extends through the flange areas of each head—as well as enhanced vibration-dampening technology. All Phantom X mallets also feature a new Pistolero Plus grip, which has a less-tapered lower section.

Fitter comments: Excessive MOI and stability make any Phantom a great choice for anyone who needs mega-forgiveness.

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