Here’s how to adjust your driver face angle to improve your tee shots

September 11, 2019
Face angle is crucial to driving the ball. Find out why below.

Loft, lie and face angle can all be affected by the simple twist of a wrench on your new adjustable driver, and if you’re not taking advantage of this feature, you’re missing out. Admittedly, there are some challenges to self-adjusting your big dog, not the least of which is knowing what the face angle will do to your shots.

There are a number of ways to use that setting, one of which is to alter the launch angle (closed for more loft, open for less), while another is to alter the shot shape.

Confused? Try this: If you tend to hold on to the club through impact and struggle with slices, close the face a bit. This adjustment will add launch and help you fight the banana ball.

For those who have a moderate release and tend to hit the ball fairly straight, try a neutral setting, and if you release aggressively and/or struggle with a hook, try an open setting. Be aware that opening the clubface will decrease launch and potentially add some spin. The key: Match your setting to your release.

Here’s a handy chart to help you out:

Here are the optimal face angle settings for different types of swings.

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