New and improved core makes the latest Srixon Q-Star golf ball longer than ever

August 30, 2019
New Srixon Q-Star golf balls

The fifth generation Srixon Q-Star ($26.99/dozen) is aimed at mid- and higher-handicap players with moderate swing speeds looking for a balance of max distance off the tee and enhanced feel and short-game performance.

Available in white and Tour yellow, the new Q-Star is improved via a new FastLayer core that’s softer in the center and firmer near the outside. The idea is to produce more ball speed and distance while maintaining a soft feel. One more additional performance enhancer: the 338-speed dimple pattern to promote a more boring trajectory and longer overall distance.

Srixon's latest Q-Star features a new and improved FastLayer core.
Bobby Doherty

In addition, a new version of Srixon’s well-known Spin Skin outer coating technology (made with SeRM—Slide Ring Material) allows for more spin on approach shots and wedge shots around the green by increasing friction at impact.

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