Jon Rahm and C.T. Pan switched golf balls and found near-immediate success

July 10, 2019
Jon Rahm's golf ball switch at Zurich Classic.

Jon Rahm first learned of the benefits that TaylorMade’s TP5 ball had on his mid- and short irons—more spin control with his steep descent angle—during a company photo shoot at the end of last year. But it took him nearly five months to get fully comfortable with the idea of changing from the lower spinning TP5x to the TP5.

When you’re used to playing a particular ball model, it can take time to consider the idea of executing shots with something else. Once the Spaniard came around to the idea and made the switch, he found the winner’s circle in New Orleans the same week.

Hindsight is 20/20. Just ask C.T. Pan, who landed the biggest win of his career at the RBC Heritage with Titleist’s 2019 Pro V1x—a ball he’d been using for only a few weeks.

Pan tackled blustery conditions at Harbour Town with a combination of more speed and less spin that enabled his ball to slice through the wind. Pan saw what the new sphere could do early on, but he passed on making a full-on switch because things were clicking with his gear.

Looking back on it, Pan admits he should’ve pulled the trigger sooner. “I was too conservative,” he said.

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