Three stylish light jackets perfect for playing golf during the fall

October 18, 2019
See below to learn about these three jacket options for staying warm on the course.

The beauty of the layered piece is that in an era of perceived polarization, it provides some welcome middle ground.

We’re not being political here. We just mean as the leaves begin to turn and it starts to get cold outside, you can throw one on over your shirt and under a heavier jacket for that extra strata of warmth.

As your round heats up (both on course and under the collar), you can shed the outerwear and still retain a level of tasteful toastiness. If it’s only a little cool in the morning or late afternoon, a modern mid-layer is more than enough to keep you comfortable while also helping to wick away moisture.

Today’s fabrics move and stretch with you, so no more swing restriction. And you want to talk about style? Endless—everything from sophisticated patterns to brightly colored solids. From voguish vest to hipster quarter-zip to lightweight pullover, today’s mid-layers provide function and fashion. What more could you ask for on a lovely autumn day?

Here are three great options for staying warm on the golf course this fall:

Zero Restriction Z500 1/4 Zip pullover, $129


Zero Restriction Z500 1/4 Zip pullover.
Jeffrey Westbrook

KJUS Retention Vest, $249


KJUS Retention Vest.
Jeffrey Westbrook

FootJoy Navy Tonal Heather Mid-Layer, $95


FootJoy Navy Tonal Heather Mid-Layer.
Jeffrey Westbrook

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