Justin Thomas’ guide to stylish layering on the golf course, in 3 steps

August 4, 2019

You can’t hunt pins if your clothes can’t handle the elements, says major champion and PGA Tour star Justin Thomas. Here are his three simple steps to stylish layering on the golf course, in his own words.

1. Have some weatherproof gear at the ready

Rain and wind are always a possibility. I look for a lightweight, noise-free jacket that supports mobility throughout the swing.

2. Think “Layers”

Some days go from wintry to warm (and vice-versa). That’s why I always pack a vest. On chillier rounds I’ll go with a hybrid jacket, with an insulated core and knit sleeves. You get warmth without sacrificing motion.

From left to right: Polo Stratus Wind-breaker ($148), Ascent Vest ($198), and Solid Stretch Vintage Lisle ($89).
Courtesy of Polo Golf

3. Pump the Base

Use lightweight pieces as a base layer to accommodate heavier outer pieces. You can’t go wrong with a navy or dark-blue polo. It’ll match whatever you throw over it.

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