From comfort to classic, here are the best brands for your feet

May 2, 2019

Your shoes take care of you on and off the golf course, so treat them right. Here are a few options to check out when styling on the course.

1. SNEAKER / Nike Air Max 1G 

A lot of people want the familiarity and comfort of a sneaker on the course. So when Nike dropped this Air Max, sneaker freaks rejoiced.

The Nike Air Max 1G, $120.
Levi Brown

2. TECHNICAL / Ecco Biom G3

The best solution for keeping your feet dry when playing in tough conditions. The brand’s Scandinavian roots shine through on this sleek shoe. Ecco is also known for comfort, which you’ll appreciate on mile seven of your loop.

The Ecco Biom G3, $250.
Levi Brown


Be it minimalist, classic or adventurous, G/FORE isn’t afraid to have a little fun with its shoes. The new MG4.1 is pure pleasure, and the perfect representation of why so many people adore the brand.

The G/FORE MG4.1, $185.
Levi Brown

4. COMFORT / True Linkswear’s True Original

The O.G. True sneaker is a nice change of pace if you’re all about not wearing exactly what everyone else out there is wearing.

The True Linkswear's True Original, $149.
Levi Brown

5. NEW CLASSICS / FootJoy Icon Black

Well, not technically black. In fact, FJ has done a lot to make its iconic saddle lighter and more comfy without radically altering the classic vibe.

The FootJoy Icon Black, $299.
Levi Brown