Fight the Shower: Three new rain jackets and pants to keep you dry on the golf course

February 9, 2019
FootJoy's DryJoys Tour LTS is one great option to protect yourself from rain

Playing golf in the elements doesn’t have to be a beat-down that leaves you longing for the 19th hole. Thanks to updated rain jacket waterproof technology and new rain jacket designs, it’s now possible to stay bone dry and not feel as though you’re swinging in a straightjacket. Here are the latest:

1. FootJoy DryJoys Tour LTS; $285 (jacket) and $210 (pants)
The FootJoy DryJoys Tour LTS rain jacket.
Travis Rathbone

FootJoy’s waterproof DryJoys Tour LTS jacket was created around improving mobility, reducing weight and eliminating places for water to gather. It’s less bulky and comes in six color options. Temperature is regulated in the pants via a ThermoLite bonded liner and hollow-core fibers.

2. Adidas Climaproof; $150 (jacket) and $120 (pants)]
The Adidas Climaproof rain jacket.
Travis Rathbone

The jacket is designed with Adidas’s seam-sealed, Climaproof technology. Back venting prevents overheating, while twill fabric allows for a full range of motion. Hook and loop cuffs on the sleeves give the jacket an individual fit.

3. Galvin Green Archie; $700 (jacket); Galvin Green Axel; $600 (pants)
The Galvin Green Archie rain jacket.
Travis Rathbone

Travis Rathbone

If price is not an issue, this kit is designed for heavy and frequent rain play. Both feature an ultralight, Japanese-made C-Knit material made from a three-layer stretch Gore-Tex fabric.

“Slide and glide” material minimizes friction during the swing. Now there’s no reason for you to pack it in after a few drops.