Jordan Spieth reveals newest Under Armour golf shoe, the Spieth 4

January 16, 2020
Spieth 4

BALTIMORE, Md. — Comfortable, durable, dry. That’s the ethos behind the fourth iteration of Jordan Spieth’s signature golf shoe, the Spieth 4, which the three-time major champion unveiled Wednesday.

The new shoes debuted at a press event in Under Armour’s hulking “Lighthouse” innovation center in Baltimore on the second day of the company’s “Human Performance Summit.”

“The No. 1 thing you’ll see that’s also the most impactful is the durability,” Spieth told in an interview shortly after the announcement. “I want it to feel like I’m wearing a tennis shoe but perform like I’m wearing a heavy-duty golf shoe.”

The Spieth 4s look (and feel) familiar if you’ve followed previous iterations of his shoes, sticking to the minimalist white colorway with dashes of black and gray (the most vibrant portion of the shoe is found in the neon orange spikes on its sole). But the true advancement from those previous designs comes in the details — most notably a newly designed Gore-Tex exterior with the aim of keeping golfers dry, no matter the conditions.

“I probably don’t even have to take these shoes off,” Spieth said. “If my ball’s halfway in the water I can probably walk right in with the shoes on instead of stripping down to get in there.”

Spieth also pointed to input from his swing coach, Cameron McCormick, for some of the design elements in the shoe.

“Cameron has been pretty involved at times,” Spieth said. “I trust his input based on what he sees and how my footwork is moving.”

The most eye-catching design element in the shoe rests across the back ridges of it. A large ergonomic outline of a steer (or longhorn) is built into the heel, with the Texas state insignia inside. It’s both a nod to Spieth’s hometown of Dallas and his collegiate career in the Lone Star State at the University of Texas.

The longhorn design on the back of the shoe pays respect to Spieth's childhood in Dallas and his days as a collegiate golfer at Texas.
James Colgan

With the 4s, the largest public point of debate on Spieth’s footwear line remains intact. Spieth’s newest shoe, like the ones that came before it, isn’t extravagant. In a lot of ways, the shoes are throwbacks. But as Spieth talks about the product, the inspiration for its design becomes fairly clear. He’s a throwback. He joked that in previous years, he’s worn shoes for so long that he’s attracted the attention of his sponsors.

“It’s normally that Under Armour’s like, ‘Hey, let’s put you in a new pair,'” he laughed. “I’m not one to put on new stuff all the time, I never have been. It’s like my clubs, I don’t change my clubs unless I have to.”

The new design features an emphasis on comfort, dryness and durability.
James Colgan

His focus for the shoe is on functionality and durability, and not on its social currency.

“I actually root for bad conditions,” Spieth said. “I feel like I have a technological advantage with what I wear.”

Another one of the technological advances is a molding foam inserted into the sole. As users of all shapes and sizes wear the shoes, they’ll find the shoes adapt to them. The hope is that a better-fitting shoe will improve durability, but the technology is also responsible for one of the only aesthetic deviations of the design.

“I never liked all-white (shoes), I liked having something going on with the shoe, it felt like it actually helped me line up better,” Spieth said. “With my iterations of shoes, it’s been cool to have the technology be the extra something going on so it’s not just white.”

The Gore-Tex exterior wraps around the entirety of the shoe with the aim of improving dryness, regardless of the conditions.
James Colgan

As for the age-old “spiked vs. spikeless” shoes debate, Spieth was diplomatic.

“I still personally use spiked,” he said. “I’ve hit too many shots where I’ve slipped practicing in spikeless. I’ve found spikeless to be more comfortable walking, but I’m more confident swinging with spiked.”

The shoes are available to the general public on March 3. For now, keep your eyes peeled on Tour, where Spieth will be sporting his newest kicks beginning next week at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines.

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