Review: Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero Double Strap Stand Bag

January 13, 2020

Welcome to’s “Best Of” review series, where one of GOLF’s editors review new, interesting and helpful products from around the golf world. This week: the Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero Double Strap Stand Bag.


Callaway wanted to go light, and with the Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero Double Strap Stand Bag it went really light. The goal with this one was to shed every unnecessary ounce without sacrificing durability. You won’t have all the bells and whistles you get with some bags, but if you are a die-hard walker and looking to loosen the load off your back, listen up, because this one’s for you. Here’s what you need to know about Callaway’s Rolls-Royce of lightweight golf bags.

The Product

Callaway has produced several lightweight golf bags in the past, but this one is on a whole different level. It’s just 2 1/2 pounds — 2 1/2! — and feels even lighter. It has four pockets, which includes a valuables pocket, a larger apparel pocket and a ball pocket, and it even has a convenient sleeve for your cell phone. This year’s model was made with new ultralight nylon skin that’s 25 percent more durable than what was used on past bags, and the zippers also got an upgrade to improve their durability. The carbon fiber legs are reliable to keep your bad upright. It comes in more than a half dozen visually pleasing color schemes.

Does it Work?

The moment I picked up this golf bag I was blown away. I literally took it to some neighboring cubicles to dare people to see how light it was. A golf bag weighing just 2 1/2 pounds is no joke. For those looking for a light golf bag, especially those who like to walk most of the time, this is an outstanding buy. It checks all the boxes — it’s comfortable and functional. If you’re someone who has a lot to carry or wants more pockets than the four offered, then this might not be for you, but if you keep it simple on the course and don’t need to overload your bag with gear, then there is more than enough space here to make you happy. The only person who might like this golf bag more than you is your back, which can rest easy knowing it’s not going to be sore the next day.

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