Looking for a great golf present? These classy FootJoy bags are now 20% off

December 18, 2019

Shopping for golfers is difficult. We’re a particular lot. We like certain things, and often, when the holiday season rolls around, our loved ones resort to the cheap and kitschy presents that are funny for a few minutes, but never actually get used.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Or, rather, FootJoy is here to help.

FootJoy’s 1857 line of bags is exactly the kind of gift the golfer in your life actually wants. It’s the golf equivalent of buying someone a nice blazer. It will come in handy because they’ll need one when they least expect it, because after all, you never know when you’re going to get a swanky invite to that exclusive club you’ve always dreamt of. And when it does come, it’s not a good look to show up with a raggedy old shoe bag, or none at all, and to suffer the ignominy of changing your shoes in the car, rather than the clubhouse.

So get cracking on giving a legitimately useful gift this year. And the best part? They’re all 20 percent off along with free shipping, thanks to GOLF.com’s exclusive promo code: FOOTJOY20

Anyway, without further adieu…

FootJoy 1857 Bags

1857 Weekender Duffel

This is the kind of duffel you can bring for a quick weekend golf trip, or to the course if you plan to shower and change your clothes afterward. It’s leather, which brings a touch of class, and comes in both black and brown.


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FootJoy 1857 Bags

1857 Shoe Bag

It’s a bit of a taboo to show up to a fancy golf club in your golf shoes. Really nice clubs may not even allow golf shoes in the clubhouse at all. Don’t be that guy, or the golfer who shows up with a beat-up old shoe bag. A nice, leather touch goes a long way in securing that next swanky invite.


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FootJoy 1857 Bags

1857 Dopp Kit

Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash, hair gel, cologne; it adds up quick, and you’ll need all of them if you want to freshen up after your round and not look like a sweaty mess at celebratory drinks. For that, you’ll need this Dopp Kit, which is a contender for most useful item on this list.


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