Ping unveils G Le2 women’s golf clubs

July 1, 2019

Ping design engineers have always put an exceptionally high value on custom fitting for all players, and the company’s new G Le2 line, aimed at women golfers, is no exception.

“Having equipment that is custom fitted to their games allows women to see improvement from every club in their bag,” said Ping Executive VP Stacey Pauwels, whose role includes overseeing the brand’s women’s initiatives. “The G Le2 family really emphasizes that need through loft, lie and length adjustability along with the shaft weight, flex and grip offerings. Once we know those specifications, finding the best combination of fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges during a fitting is the next step in the process.”

The new Ping G Le2 driver.
Courtesy of Ping

The new G Le2 line Pauwels is referring to consists of a full family of sticks including a driver (MSRP $435), fairway woods (MSRP $270 per club), hybrids (MSRP $200 per club), irons (MSRP $137.50 per club), and putters (MSRP $215-$270 per club). The G Le2 driver, like all the other members of the new women’s family of clubs, features premium materials and design features, many of which are shared with the standard G410 line. A multi-material construction and forged T9S+ clubface are combined to produce a lightweight, high performance big stick that comes stock with Ping’s ULT240 graphite shaft in lite and ultra lite flexes. Available in 11.5 loft only, the G Le2 also features a lightweight, adjustable hosel that allows for 1.5 degrees of movement to increase or decrease loft.

The fairway woods feature a similar multi-material construction but with a 17-4 stainless body and C300 maraging steel clubface for enhanced ball speed and easier launch. Available in 19, 22, 26, and 30-degree models, the new fairways also feature the same adjustable hosel as the driver as well as the lightweight ULT240 graphite shaft. Hybrids in the line are built with the same basic construction (except for a Custom 455 steel face insert) and come in 22, 26, 30, and 34-degree lofts.

The Ping G Le2 irons.
Courtesy of Ping

Another key member of the G Le2 family is the new multi-material irons with stainless steel clubheads, tungsten toe weights, and aluminum/thermoplastic composite badges. The irons feature a HydroPearl 2.0 finish for enhanced durability and less friction through the turf and come in 6-9 iron as well as PW, UW, and SW. The Ping ULT240 lightweight graphite shaft in lite and ultra lite flexes comes standard.

To complete the G Le2 family, designers also created three different putters, a traditional Anser with a dual-durometer PEBAX insert, champagne nickel plating and adjustable-length shaft (31”-35”), as well as the mid-mallet Shea, and the full-mallet Echo.

The G Le2 line will be available for retail on Aug. 1.

The full-mallet Echo of the Ping G Le2 line.
Courtesy of Ping