Check out Harold Varner III’s purple ‘Gerald’ putter cover

February 12, 2019

Several years ago, Harold Varner III’s roommate decided to put a puppet headcover on his driver that they nicknamed “Gerald.” Over the last few years, the cover has become a staple in Varner’s bag and keeps him loose when things aren’t going his way on the course.

But don’t assume the cover was made to look like Varner.

“People think it’s me, but it’s not at all,” Varner said back in 2016, “We call him Gerald. Every time I get pissed off, I just look at him and start laughing. Because he’s always got his mouth open and a club up his butt.”

Since Varner gave “Gerald” a regular spot in the bag, the cover has conducted post-round interviews — with Varner’s help, of course — and currently boasts its own Twitter account.

While there’s no replacing the original “Gerald,” Swag Golf, a Chicago-area putter manufacturer, created a custom putter cover for Varner that features Gerald dabbing on top.

“We wanted to do something cool for Harold,” said Tim Pyrcik, Swag Golf’s Tour rep. “I showed it to him and he thought it was awesome. Gave him one and put another in his locker.”

Swag added some other personal touches to the cover with the East Carolina University pirate mascot (Varner’s alma mater) situated inside an outline of the state of North Carolina, where the school is located. The purple is another nod to Varner’s collegiate roots.

As for the “We Here” stitched on the other side, it’s a saying you can regularly find in hashtag form on Varner’s social media accounts.

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