You Can Buy This Original Augusta National Sign for Only $18,987

March 24, 2016

For those who a) love the Masters, b) have $19,000 in spending money on hand and c) need a new sign for their basement man-cave area, we have a deal for you. has the actual sign from Augusta National Golf Club that used to hang at the entrance to Magnolia Lane in the 1960s. The opening bid began at $5,000 on March 23. In about two hours, it had sprung up to around $6,500. Then at 9:19 p.m., a bidder came in over the top rope with a bid of $15,692. Later that night, it was raised to $17,261. The next bid up is $18,987. Bidding ends at 8 p.m. (EST) on April 9, which is the Saturday of the Masters.

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From the website’s description: “This original Augusta National Golf Club entrance sign hung in front of Magnolia Lane circa 1960s. It  measures 30″ wide x 36″ tall. It was discarded by Augusta National many decades ago, but was (thankfully) saved by an Augusta, Georgia resident. That original owner didn’t understand its value to the collecting community until he briefly posted it on eBay in 2010. That auction sent collectors into a flurry (and we would know, we immediately heard about it and had every intention of buying it), but the sign was quickly pulled from auction and quietly sold to a collector who made a substantial offer. Though we missed out on this historic sign six years ago, we are overwhelmed with the opportunity of finally offering it for public auction.”

(h/t @geoffshac)