Wild Pigs Damage Florida Golf Course

April 28, 2016

Of all the animals ever to set a paw (or hoof) on a golf course, from herds of elk to angry kangaroos and napping alligators, feral hogs may be the worst. A Florida neighborhood and its golf course have been partially destroyed by a band of wild and unstoppable pigs, according to the local CBS News station covering Tampa Bay and Sarasota.

Residents interviewed about the invasion said the pigs had dug up huge holes in yards and the golf course, causing extensive damage. Neighbors are concerned that even if the pigs are chased off, they’ll terrorize other parts of Florida instead.

The County erected a $67,000 fence to keep the pigs out, but the expenditure may be in vain. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission isn’t optimistic about the chances of keeping unwanted hogs away: “Trying to prevent wild pigs from coming onto your property is usually futile.” Time to find a new spot for your golf course?