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October 5, 2015

Last month my wife and I took our three young sons to pro-am day at The Barclays, in the leafy suburbs of central New Jersey. After buying a plastic autograph ball for our 8-year-old in the merchandise pavilion at Plainfield Country Club, we promptly spotted Boo Weekley, who had been shopping for some swag of his own. My son didn’t know Boo Weekley from Boo Radley, but I briefed him (affable, self-effacing country boy; once wrestled an orangutan) and he sheepishly approached.

“Excuse me, Mr. Weekley,” he began.

“Sure, buddy,” Boo said, grinning warmly. “Whose name should I sign? Spieth’s? Bubba’s? Mickelson’s?”

A small group of on-lookers cracked up.

“Have fun!” Boo said as we peeled off for the course.


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What a concept. The game is fun, of course. Endlessly. But as any golfer (even Boo) can attest, it’s also all too easy to take golf too seriously, and not just in the pressure-cooker pro ranks. As weekend duffers, we’re obligated to follow dress codes and a tome of rules. As fans, we’re told to be “Quiet, please.” Topped tee shots? We hang our heads. Three-putts? We curse ourselves. Slow play? We curse others.

Which got us thinking: There ought to be a destination on GOLF.com where golfers can take the game a little less seriously. Where whimsical features and interviews mix with quirky polls and quizzes, offbeat galleries and original video. Where no topic is O.B.

Welcome to Extra Spin.  

Inspired by SI.com’s entertaining and high-energy Extra Mustard vertical, Extra Spin will cover the lighter side of golf: from cheeky rankings to social-media sizzle to the game’s most beautiful women.

America’s best golf swing? No thanks. We’d rather find America’s Worst Golf Swing

Extra Spin won’t be all goofs and giggles. We’ll also shine a light on the brighter side of the game, saluting golf’s do-gooders and difference-makers.  

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As we find our footing, we’re sure to hit a shank or two. But we also hope to draw a few laughs and help you to see and enjoy the game in new and unexpected ways. However we fare, we’d love to hear from you. Hit us up at [email protected] with your raves and rants.

Thanks for visiting. We’re hopeful you’ll become a Spin regular. At the very least, the next time Boo wrestles an orangutan, you’ll know where to find the story.

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