Watch: One-Handed, 5-Year-Old Tommy Morrissey Imitates Pros’ Swings

August 3, 2016

Tommy Morrissey is 5 years old and has a better swing than most amateurs. It doesn’t matter he was born without a portion of his right arm below the elbow.

We have written stories about Tommy before, but a new YouTube video was published on Wednesday and we just have to show you. It’s about three-minutes long, and it shows Tommy imitating the swings of his favorite golfers at the range — and the impressions are spot on. He’ll show you how Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods swing — he even goes to the other side of the ball to mimic Phil Mickelson’s stroke! — and he also has Rickie Fowler’s pre-swing setup down perfectly. He even knows how the legends use to do it — check out his Arnold Palmer follow through.

You can watch the entire video below.