Watch: John Daly Putts One-Handed at DICK’S Sporting Goods Open

July 10, 2016

John Daly has been known to do some wierd things on the golf course. But even more unorthodox than his wild pants and full-tilt-at-all-times style of play would be if he start just swinging the club with one hand.

Imagine of Long John Daly was out on the Champions Tour beating people with one hand behind his back.

Well, imagine no more because Daly rarely disappoints when it comes to the outlandish. At the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open, yes Daly had his signature pants and bright blue shirt, but he was also sporting a different unique style: a one-handed putting stroke.

It looks like he’s doing  a drill, only he’s on the course playing in a pro tournament for real money.

Watch below via the Champions Tour Twitter account