Utah Toddler Escapes Babysitter to Play a Quick Nine

February 25, 2016

Talk about starting the game young. 

A 1-year-old girl was found on a golf course nearly two hours after going missing under the supervision of her 17-year-old babysitter in South Jordan, Utah. 

According to WTRV, the girl had climbed out of her crib while the babysitter was in the bathroom. She was later found at nearby Glenmoor Golf Course. 

“It’s not super cold and from what it appears, the child wasn’t real affected by it,” South Jordan Sgt. Eric Hill said. “She was still doing pretty good and could talk just fine.”

No word on if she brought her Fisher Price clubs. 

Considering Lydia Ko has been dominating on the LPGA Tour since she was about 16, you can understand the baby’s desire to get an early start.